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How to pick your child's birthday cake!!

Posted on 20 February, 2017 at 23:50

I remember being a child and looking at my birthday cake and being amazed at how pretty the cakes my mum would make were, her specialty was devils food cake, stacked high with a fresh cream centre and chocolate icing on top. For me my mum was a magician.

This is how kids see there birthdays, magical and full of wonder, whether the cake is a simple chocolate cake or a carved 3D unicorn, their little eyes will light up and they see magic.

Remember when you come to picking your cake your kids will love it and be amazed whether its a packet mix or a bestoke design. Here are some tricks to get something that makes there little eyes pop without putting your budget under too much strain


  1. Be honest with your cake lady, remember if a custom cake is a stretch you can always make the cake yourself and buy a gorgeous topper or an edible sheet with there favourite character give it a little magic.
  2. Don't be afraid to ask questions, remember your cake lady has to earn a living so she can't make the cake for free but the question to ask yourself is do you really need that 3 tier cake for 20 children or will some gorgeous hand made cupcakes to match your theme work just as well
  3. Have some ideas in your head, pictures are always a huge help as you then have a starting point. This allows your cake lady to give you some ideas that will work within your budget
  4. Book in with plenty of time, the faster the turn around the higher the costs as the cake lady can't always source supplies from her preferred supplier quickly 
  5. Finally be open minded and flexible, your cake lady absolutely wants to work with you and is there to help, thats why the crazy cake lady does this because she loves it :)
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